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The Australian Amusement Association (A.A.A.) are offering yearly memberships for amusement operators throughout Australia. The advantages of becoming a A.A.A. member provides an excellent opportunity for amusement operators to network with other operators with similar concerns which can cover industry changes to new insurance concerns. Being a member of A.A.A. also provides the member up to date information on current changes to the industry on all levels from legislation to new attractions information and networks. By having this access to industry information can provide the operator an opportunity to have his say, a contribution that can be very advantageous and helpful in shaping the industry.

In addition the A.A.A. member has access to our quarterly online newsletter that has the latest information of the industry featuring industry comments, general information, editorials and business opportunities. But before you consider joining A.A.A. have a read of the services A.A.A. provide. The cost of becoming a A.A.A. member is $205 - ($150 annual fee plus $55.00 joining fee) per year for this the member gets.

  • Access to business opportunities that exist within the industry.
  • Free directory listing with a link to the operator website.
  • Network meetings.
  • Standards and OHS requirements.

If you would like to become a A.A.A. members you can apply by contacting us or fill in our AAA Rides Application Form in the below link and email it to

Code of Ethics  AAA Application Form